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Copywriter in Devon

If you are looking for a freelance copywriter in Devon, with genuine love for the written word, then I am your girl.


I create organic web content and social media copy, and have been doing so since I left university in 2014. I have an English BA from the University of Exeter. 


100% reliable. I care about all the businesses I work for and form good relationships with my clients.


I provide concise and clear copy that is well-researched and am consistently increasing my knowledge of content/digital marketing.

While I specialise in copywriting for SEO purposes, which mostly involves blog content, webpage content, social media content and guest posts, I can also provide content for hard texts, such as leaflets, newspapers, posters and more. 


Looking for a copywriter in Devon? Contact me using the form below.  

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Organic Content Creation / Copywriting in Devon




I provide well-researched and concise blog content for a range of businesses.

The blogs I currently write and have written span various industries, including: Wholesale sweets companies, health and safety brands, sports nutrition, education providers, travel/sports companies, bespoke gift companies, health care providers, temporary walling, home improvement, digital marketing and more.

Whatever the topic, I research keywords and questions that can help the website rank and include them in my copy.

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I write and schedule organic social media content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. While I prefer working on content-orientated social media platforms, I have also worked on a handful of Pinterest and Instagram accounts. 

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I write content for webpages, considering SEO and relevant keywords. 

I make sure the webpage copy is readable. 

I can write website content for a range of companies. 

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"At times, as a marketing agency, we  had high demand for content. Our team decided to find an experienced freelance copywriter to help with client projects. I wasn't sure at first, however, after working with Laura it proved to be a useful avenue.  Laura has always done good work for MFM clients and I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to help other companies with all types of content requirements."

Phillip Monk, Founder, Monkeyfish Marketing

""Laura researched the requested topic and provided well written and informative content. Very pleased with the copy, thank you."

 Hazel Jarrett, Founder of SEO+


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